Sewing Pattern-Fennja-Women-EN

Designer: Fadenkaefer

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Sewing Paper Pattern "Fennja" for women in English.

Fennja is a basic pattern that gives you plenty of scope to be creative. The pattern includes two length and sleeve variants.Instructions are provided for the three different neckline finishes (drawstring, pleats and gathers).
The pattern includes a seam allowance of 1cm.

Women US size 4 - 28
EUR size 32 - 58

Copyright FADENKAEFER / Carolin Hofmann. Please note that it is not permitted to copy, exchange or pass on this sewing pattern and/or instructions. The selling of individual sewn pieces is permitted. Mass production is not permitted. Written permission must be granted for the selling of more than 10 sewn pieces ( No liability shall be accepted for any errors in the instructions.

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