Remnant 1 7/8 yards-Organic French Terry - Splatter-Corn Yellow

Designer: Zicca Fabrics

Last Piece!

Last piece 1 7/8 yards - Organic French Terry Jersey - Splatter in corn yellow.

Kids love to play with colors and will enjoy these colorful paint splashes.

95% Organic Cotton 5% Spandex
Weight: ca. 220 gsm
Width: approx. 67" - approx. 170 cm

The fabric is manufactured in Europe and received the GOTS certification and it likes to be pre-washed warm up to 40° C. Use a gentle wash and if you can avoid using the dryer, which always destroys the fabric surface a little bit at a time. We recommend to line-dry as best option to keep your fabrics and future clothes as pretty as day 1.

French Terry is a lighter Sweat Fabric also called Summer Sweat which has a smooth surface and instead of a brushed reverse side like Sweat it shows tiny loops which are typical for French Terry Fabric. It is the perfect alternative to regular Cotton Jersey which can be "too thin" for some projects or Sweat Fabric which can be "too thick". 

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