About Us

Frollein S®

A Creative Story


When you want to be able to create something amazing for the people you love, you need great quality fabric to make it happen. The Creative Studio is a place you can come to find the wonderful knit fabric and sewing supplies that you need to bring your next creation to life.


Our story begins back in 2014 when our founder Sandy Schneider found it was getting increasingly difficult to find the premium quality knit fabric that she took for granted back home in Germany. There was a space for beautifully made organic fabric in thousands of different designs, each available with the click of a button. And with that one simple realization, The Creative Studio was born.


We looked far and wide for the best European fabrics money could buy and used our knowledge of the industry to offer them at readily affordable prices. That way when you want to create, you’re never constrained by your budget. All you must think about is what you want to make, and how you can bring it to life.


As time went by, we discovered more and more hidden gems and added them to our store. Word soon spread, and before we knew it we were being inundated with incredible new knit fabrics that were ready and waiting to be used to create anything and everything. It stirred our passion for getting truly creative and made us want to offer everything with the simple click of a button.


Our reputation grew and grew, and before we knew it we had become the home of wonderful European craftsmanship and quality knit fabrics. With organic choices and Oeko-Tex Standard 100, we were able to offer healthy and environmentally friendly fabrics for the whole family to enjoy. From the simplest colors to the most intricate cotton jersey fabric you can imagine, we spent our time checking that it met the high standards you deserve. That way you can get creative without any limitations and come up with something you fall in love with instantly.


We’re passionate about giving ever budding creative the sewing supplies they need to create something they’ll love. Whether you want to embark on a brand-new sewing project, or just let your creativity flow and see what you come up with, we’re right there with you.


It’s just better that way…